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CoAuthored by 2 teenagers, this science fiction fantasy
will keep you on the edge of your seat...

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About the Authors
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The Dauntless Chronicles: a multi-planetary, multicultural universe filled with epic adventure and young romance as narrated from the perspective of teen aliens who crash land on Earth.

There’s an art to writing fictional stories – 14-year-old coauthors, Willow Wren and Anthony Olmo mastered it with their impressive use of an unusual Alternating Perspective format, exceptional technical descriptions of the spacecraft, locomotive and ships, and wonderfully detailed descriptions of their characters who hold their identities throughout the saga, adding to the cohesion of the story and the solidity of the writing.

From dragons to ice planets, war to deep-buried secrets, these young teens are incredibly talented and creative storytellers, producing riveting plot twists, intense action and suspenseful turns while incorporating the powerful themes of family, friendship, loyalty, courage and love. An exciting escapade & intergalactic treasure for readers of all ages.

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The Dauntless Chronicles, Tessia, Zephyr

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